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T & C

Terms and Conditions

1) Place of fulfilment for delivery and payment is Syke.

2) The danger for all consignments pass over on the buyer, as soon as the product was handed over to a forwarding agent or another carrier.

3) All offers, discounts, etc. are subject to confirmation. Offers are subject to prior sale.

4) All delivered goods and achievements remain up to entire payment of our property. With default and deterioration of the property relations of a buyer we reserve ourselves to deliver only against cash on delivery or cash in advance. By all conclusion of an agreement we assume your solvency. We are authorized to require interest for delay with default. Of delay and maturity interest are calculated at the rate of at least 5% about the respective federal lending rate.

5) Sales of not yet arrived goods count as without engagement.
6) The payments which are held back by the buyer for any reasons are not allowed.

7) Return of goods by the buyer need our acceptance.

8) We will not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board within the meaning of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act and are not obliged to do so.

Delivery terms:

Prices: All called prices get on not-binding, plus VAT, minimum quantity per kind 1 unit.

Delivery: From 225 EUR before VAT, we deliver within Germany free, less than 225 EUR plus forwarding expenses. For delivery in other countries please watch our list below.

Disposal: The taking back and disposal of packaging material was not taken into consideration in our prices.

Place of fulfilment for deliveries and payments is Bremen. The danger for all broadcastings goes over on the buyer, as soon as the product was handed over to a forwarding agent or other carrier.

Reconsignment: Returns of goods by the buyer need our previous approval.

Payment: Customers did not confess 8 days 3% of discount payment or 30 days net, by transfer or bank move, with us we reserve ourselves a first supply cash on delivery, at the moment 7.70 euros of COD charge per parcel within Germany, for other countries please ask the current valid terms.

For payment via PayPal, the payment term is net cash. For non-payment, or return booking we will charge you the costs incurred fees of € 7.00 for       direct debit, or 25.00 € for credit card payment.

Free delivery from €

   Austria 400,-

   Belgium 400,-

   Bosnia-Herzegovina 1200,-(customs fee included)

Bulgaria 1000,-

  Croatia 800,-

Czech Republic 500,-

Denmark 400,-

Estonia 800,-

Finland 600,-

France 500,-

Greece 1000,-

Hungary 600,-

Ireland 600,-

  Italy 500,-

  Latvia 800,-

Lithuania 800,-

Luxemburg 400,-

Netherlands 400,-

  Norway 1000,- (customs fee included)

  Poland 600,-

Portugal 800,-

Romania 1000,-

Serbia 1200,- (customs fee included)

Slovakia 600,-

  Slovenia 600,-

Spain 600,-

Sweden 600,-

Switzerland 800,- (customs fee included)

United Kingdom 500,-